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The Rehab Docs want to get you out of pain by attacking the cause while providing relief to the source. We do not want to simply mask the pain with "Band-Aid" care but rather, change the way you use your body so that the problem does not come back in the future.

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Our mission is to find tailored ideal function of each individual and provide the necessary services to promote skill, endurance, strength, and speed of the patients function in order to improve quality of life, decrease the risk of injury, and increase the ability of sport specific function.

Chiropractic traditionally is viewed as a “crack your back” type of practice. This is not our model of care. We understand that muscles move bone. Without muscular influence our bones would never have fixation. We use neural influence to change the cause and perception of your pain. We do this by correcting motor patterns which not only gets rid of pain, but also fixes the cause of your pain so that you do not have to rely on us for pain relief treatment the rest of your life! We do not provide solely palliative care which is also termed “Band-Aid” care. We want to help you gain the knowledge and neuromuscular ability to better your biomechanical structure and freedom from pain. We work to understand the root of your problem and make this our goal instead of chasing pain.

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