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Injury Prevention

There is nothing more troubling than watching your child collapse with an injury. There is an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

What can be helped, however, are the events leading up to an injury. Injury prevention is one of The Rehab Docs core values. We hate to see athletes plagued with injuries that are unnecessary. According to multiple studies, most noncontact sports injuries can be prevented! Your noncontact injury was not fate, it was a combination of poor motor control, stability, weakness, or form. From weekend warriors to high level athletes it is our goal to make sure the body is not susceptible to these type of injuries.

The Rehab Docs use a variety of functional movement screens to test for abnormal movement patterns. Low scores on a functional screen have been shown to increase the risk of injury 4 fold! It is our job to find these flaws and use tailored exercises to reduce the risk of injury. An added benefit of reducing the risk of injury is also increasing performance. With the correct movement patterns in place, an athlete can truly reach their full potential.