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About The Rehab Docs

The Rehab Docs in Charleston, South Carolina, is a go-to rehabilitation and sports medicine practice, serving athletes and other active individuals of varying abilities and levels of competition. Sam Sheppard, PT, DPT, and his team of physical therapists and chiropractors work closely with middle school athletes, high school athletes, aging individuals with chronic pain, and everyone in-between to ensure that their patients can reach their peak potential when it comes to athletic performance.

The Rehab Docs value the importance of an accurate diagnosis and can diagnose patients accurately without relying on imaging tests. They offer personalized care plans based on orthopedic diagnoses, which the team can also tailor to a patient’s primary sport or activity. 

Patients at The Rehab Docs specialize in managing pain and increasing mobility in the back, neck, and joints. With effective options like chiropractic care, physical therapy, sports recovery services, and strength training, a patient’s journey doesn’t have to stop after an injury heals. These services aim for long-term athletic benefits and sustainable health improvements. 

For sports medicine patients who have undergone surgery, The Rehab Docs provide postoperative rehabilitation. However, many services available at the practice allow patients to forgo surgery altogether. Options like Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Active Release Technique® help patients stay fit without pain or fatigue. 

To schedule an appointment as a new or returning patient, call The Rehab Docs, or book online today.