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A Stable Core is Not Indicate by a Six-Pack

We all know that America is only getting more technologically advanced. Technology has advanced the human experience dramatically in terms of mental stimulation and intelligence. Physically the opposite is true, you don’t see a stable core often. 

Sedentary Lifestyle

The sedentary lifestyle that has evolved is inevitable. Being in any position for a prolonged period of time forces adaptation to

What is ACL Reconstruction?

In this blog, we are going to walk through ACL reconstruction. What is the knee comprised of you ask? The tibiofemoral joint (knee joint) is a hinge joint with primary motion in the sagittal plane allowing for flexion and extension (bending & straightening). The knee does have some secondary motions like tibial internal and external rotation, but these accessory motions

The Importance of Training

A big issue we see here at the Rehab Docs with athletes these days is the number of times they spend playing their sport versus the amount of time they spend training for it. We have forgotten how critical training is, and instead, we tend to prioritize playing in a game setting. Playing a game without proper training time is

What is Involved in Patient Treatment Plans?

At the Rehab Docs, we incorporate three phases of care into our patient treatment plans to give ideal biomechanics. We teach you how to correctly use your body so you don’t injure yourself. Once you know the three phases of care you will be ready to take on training. 

Phase 1: Consciously Competent

Phase one in our patient treatment plans

Shoulder and Neck Muscles Should be Controlled

Some of the most common problems that we see are due to poor motor control, especially of the scapula. Just anatomy and biomechanical review: The shoulder complex is comprised of 3 very important joints that all need independent motion. These joints are the Glenohumeral Joint (the joint that you mostly hear about with injuries), the Acromioclavicular Joint (the bony connection

Band-Aid Care Hurts in the Long Run

The conversation of treatment cost begins with understanding band-aid care. Band-aid care includes things like adjustments, soft tissue work, dry needling—anything that changes muscle tone and makes you feel better but doesn’t actually fix the cause of the problem. You may save some cost with band-aid care in the short term because it’s covered by insurance, but because it’s band-aid

Torn Rotator Cuff? What’s That Surgery All About?

The glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) like the hip is a ball and socket joint that provides the most degrees of freedom allowing for ROM in 3 planes. These passive structures, however, provide very limited stability to the joint. The overwhelming contribution to stability comes from active stabilizers, AKA muscle, the rotator cuff.  With an anatomical structure that promotes increased mobility,

How to Decrease Back Pain with Intra-Abdominal Pressure

We all know that the world is only getting more technologically advanced. Technology has advanced the human experience dramatically in terms of mental stimulation and intelligence. Physically the opposite is true, for the most part. According to Time, one in four American adults sit for more than eight hours a day, so no wonder numerous people have back pain

How we Train Functional Movements

From the moment we are born, we begin to form functional movements. From sitting up to standing, to walking, then running and throwing. As we age, we gain these basic skills— but do we do these things correctly? Physiologically, we move in a way that is metabolically efficient, not in a way that promotes longevity. In other words, we move

Labral Tear: Debridement vs. Refixation

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint with a lot of mobility just like the shoulder joint and just like the shoulder, the hip sacrifices stability for motion. If tearing takes place in the hip and is significant enough and surgery is deemed necessary, two options based on severity are labral debridement and labral refixation. Sure, the hip