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Injury Prevention

There is nothing more troubling than experiencing or witnessing someone you know experience an injury. As helpless as you may feel, injury prevention can help you recover and avoid future problems. What can be helped, however, are the events leading up to an injury. Injury prevention is one of The Rehab Docs’ core values. We hate to see athletes plagued with injuries that are unnecessary. That is where we come in. We work with your specific body and identify utilization and motion deficits that can be corrected now. Changing the course of how your body moves over time is one of the most important aspects of injury prevention. Don’t wait to react to an injury after it occurs. Work with us today to identify the specific techniques that can set you up for athletic success.

The Rehab Docs

Our Goal

According to multiple studies, most non-contact sports injuries can be prevented! Your non-contact injury was not fate, it was a combination of poor motor control, stability, weakness, or form. You don’t have to be another statistic when it comes to everyday injuries. From weekend warriors to high-level athletes, it is our goal to make sure the body is not susceptible to these types of injuries. The Rehab Docs specialize in injury prevention. We proactively prevent injuries that can derail progress and potential for weeks or months at a time. We do things differently so your performance can be different. Come find out why we believe so strongly about injury prevention.

The Rehab Docs

How To Prevent Injuries

The Rehab Docs use a variety of functional movement screens to test for abnormal movement patterns. Furthermore, these screening techniques allow us to classify how different areas of your body are currently performing. Low scores on a functional screen have been shown to increase the risk of injury 4 fold! This is what we are trying to avoid.

It is our job to find flaws in movement and use tailored exercises to help you prevent injuries. In addition, the benefit of reducing the risk of injury also improves overall athletic performance. Not surprisingly, Prevention and Performance Growth tend to correlate with each other. With the correct movement patterns in place, an athlete can truly reach their full potential. Are you ready to prevent injury and maximize your potential? We can help.


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