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Golf, Baseball, & Tennis

We see people all the time come in because of an “overuse” injury from these three sports. Rotational sports are the hardest to master biomechanically because all 3 planes of motion must be used synergistically. The problem is that most people don’t know how to use areas of their body efficiently to generate force. If this happens then compensation and…

The Dissonance Between Training and Games

How much should an athlete train vs. play their sport? What do you think is more important? Well, the first question really should be, what are your goals? If it is just to have fun playing a sport, then games and practice shoulder be your focus. If your goal is to go to college or beyond for your sport, the…

Why a 6-pack Does Not Indicate a Stable Core

We all know that America is only getting more technologically advanced. Technology has advanced the human experience dramatically in terms of mental stimulation and intelligence. Physically the opposite is true, for the most part. 

Sedentary Lifestyle 

The sedentary lifestyle that has evolved is inevitable. Being in any position for a prolonged period of time forces adaptation to the position. One