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Functional Femoroacetabular Impingement


  • To recognize, diagnose, and treat functional femoroacetabular impingement.
  • To recognize antagonistic muscle activation as a treatment option for hypertonic musculature. 
  • To understand the importance of conservative care in the diagnosis and treatment of functional femoroacetabular impingement. 


Functional Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) is a common source of anterior hip pain. True FAI is due to a bony abutment of the

The Brain can Change your Body

New Physical Therapy Types: The Brain Can Change Your Body

How many of you have used the phrase “getting old sucks” when talking about the aches and pains you experience? What if I told you aches and pains are not a part of getting old and your brain has the power to change your body? When we experience aches

Running Form Matters to Prevent Injuries

Running and walking form can tell a lot about someone’s muscular imbalance and possibilities for overuse injuries. There will always be a uniqueness to each person’s gait, but there are some key foundations that each runner should strive to achieve. The four areas of focus are the ankle/foot, the hip, the core, and the shoulder. When compensations are understood and

Degeneration and Disc Disorders are Not Scary

When people see degenerative change on an X-Ray or MRI, the tendency is to think your condition or symptoms are permanent without surgical intervention. Understand that these imaging results are just a snapshot in time of an ever-changing body. Do not let the words disc bulge, herniation, degeneration, or osteoarthritis scare you. Unless severe or chronic neurological symptoms (weakness, numbness,

Athletes Have Opportunities During this Season

Athletes of all ages have been a little shell shocked by the cancellation of seasons due to the infamous COVID-19. People may feel that the cancellations were a disadvantage, and fear that they are missing out on the experience to get better at their sport. I think this time period is quite the opposite; it is an opportunity.  Most of

Leg Press Will Not Help You Throw Harder

Let me take you on a journey through the biomechanics of pitching. Most people understand that power comes from the lower half when throwing a baseball. So what workouts do you do for the lower half? Squatting, deadlift, leg press, etc? I would argue that these exercises are unnecessary if you are trying to gain velocity when throwing a baseball.

Is Dry Needling Right For You?

Dry Needling? No way I hate needles! Dry needling is another way to manage pain (remember managing pain does not fix the problem). It focuses on addressing trigger points. Trigger points are the “knots” you feel that cause pain. Sometimes the pain is localized to the area of the “knot” while other times the pain can be referred to other

What to Look for in a Chiropractor

It’s safe to say that chiropractors as a whole get a bad wrap. The typical perception of a chiropractor is that you’re going to get your “back-cracked” and have to keep coming back for life. Listen there are good and bad people in every profession. So what makes a chiropractor good at what they do? How do you know you

Working Off the Cookies

Here at the Daniel Island Health Club we understand that a New Year usually means new fitness goals. If you have read our articles in the past, you probably understand that we are always preaching “good form”. Just to reiterate; any acute or chronic injury that is non-traumatic in nature, is a byproduct of using your body wrong over time.…

Is Your Knee Pain Actually Coming From Your Knees?

Everyone at some point in their life has had knee pain. Most commonly, this pain is at the front of the knee and may hurt walking up and down stairs. Knee pain comes and goes but it is a huge sign that biomechanically, something isn’t right. The knee is considered a “stable joint” because its plane of motion is mostly…