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Chiropractic care can seamlessly improve or resolve pain from acute neck or back injuries. At The Rehab Docs in Daniel Island, South Carolina, Sam Sheppard, PT, DPT, and other skilled providers offer chiropractic adjustments to improve strength, range of motion, and general discomfort. Call The Rehab Docs or schedule online today to book an appointment.

Chiropractic Q & A

What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a treatment for musculoskeletal pain and imbalance, especially within the joints, neck, and back. The Rehab Docs provide chiropractic care to improve pain from a range of different conditions affecting these areas.

The back is the main focus of chiropractic care because it contains the spine and spinal cord. These parts of your body are often a source of pain, both in the back and elsewhere in your body. 

Chiropractic care is a rehabilitative treatment that can help you recover from injuries. The Rehab Docs evaluate you thoroughly to accurately diagnose injuries and conditions at the root of reduced function or discomfort. They help you set and reach specific goals around healing an injury and restoring your mobility. 

Chiropractic care by The Rehab Docs is safe, noninvasive, and often the key to resolving pain without pharmaceuticals or surgery. It can also help you recover after a major operation.

What can chiropractic care treat?

The Rehab Docs use chiropractic care to manage pain with various underlying diagnoses. They specifically specialize in using chiropractic care to treat acute:

Neck pain

Neck pain is common because of poor posture and whiplash injuries. The Rehab Docs can improve or resolve the pain in your neck using gentle and careful chiropractic care. 

Back pain

Pain in other areas of your back, such as your upper or lower back, responds well to chiropractic care. Back pain commonly comes from poor posture, musculoskeletal injuries, and herniated discs. 

What should I expect during chiropractic adjustments?

The Rehab Docs welcome you in for an initial assessment, at which time they evaluate your pain and discuss your reasons for visiting. Whether you’d like to treat pain after surgery using post-operative chiropractics, or manage pain from acute musculoskeletal injuries, the team of providers can develop an individualized care plan for your condition. 

The Rehab Docs ask you to walk through your symptoms and concerns during a chiropractic session. They then prepare an individualized plan to ease your discomfort. Multiple visits may be required for the greatest benefit in healing. 

After treatment, it’s possible to experience some fatigue. However, you’re also likely to experience a significant reduction in the pain you aimed to treat as well as improvements in strength and range of motion.  

To learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care, call The Rehab Docs, or book an appointment online today. 

The Rehab Docs treat patients with physical therapy and chiropractic care.