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Stay Out of Pain

Getting out of pain is the smaller goal within the bigger goal. It means you are on the right track. It’s important to note that pain is usually the last symptom to show up and the first symptom to go away.

The Rehab Docs

Our Goal

The most important thing to understand is that pain does not dictate your health. Of course getting out of pain is a great victory, but now it is time to make sure that the pain never comes back!

The Rehab Docs

What it Means to Get Out of Pain

Getting out of pain and staying out of pain means fixing the cause of the problem. It can be easy to compensate around a problem to get someone out of pain, but this should not be the goal. Improper compensation means you will not stay out of pain. The Rehab Docs understand that the body needs to be resilient in all of your daily activities, not just in the office. Not only do we need to make sure you’re using this now pain free part of your body correctly, we need to make sure you can use it correctly under stress. If your goal is to play tennis, golf, baseball, or whatever pain free, let’s make sure that your form is ideal AND that this form does not break down when fatigued. When we make this happen together, not only will you stay out of pain, you will increase the quality of your performance.


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