What is Conservative Care?

We have talked about conservative care before; it is the healthcare model that fixes an issue without undergoing invasive measures. Many of our patients come to us with hopes of avoiding surgery, and we are able to achieve that for them. However, even conservative care focuses on fixing the problem, when we could be focusing on avoiding the problem. Our western healthcare model in general is all about fixing the problem– and in many ways, that’s good!

It’s amazing that we can get sick and be cured, get injured and be healed, and consult someone on any health concerns we have. However, what if we never had these problems? What if we took the necessary measures to prevent illness, injury, and any health problems that could be avoidable? 

Preventing Conservative Care

 At The Rehab Docs, we teach foundational movements. Foundational movements include: squat, hip hinge, lunge, push, pull, and loaded carry. Typically, we are correcting the incorrect foundational movements that our patients developed over their lifetime. If you’ve read our other blog posts, you’ll know that as we develop, we compensate. Because our bodies try to do what is easiest and not what is best for us, we move in ways that can eventually lead to injury and increased degeneration. However, if we learned to move correctly from the beginning, we would be far less likely to ever experience these issues. 

It’s important to remember that any sort of biomechanical pain or injury is preventable. Why would you choose to experience pain if you don’t have to? We are able to train your body in just a few weeks to change your motor patterns from compensational to ideal; only a few weeks to prevent common compensational injuries for the rest of your life.

What Type of People Look for Conservative Care

We approach these ideas in a few different ways. Many of our patients come in when they are experiencing pain and want to avoid surgery. We also see many athletes who aren’t necessarily in pain, but they want to advance their abilities by making their biomechanics ideal. The third group ties back to the idea of prevention and it is by far the group with the smallest number of individuals. These are our patients who are not in pain and are not athletes, they just want to make sure they are within ideal biomechanics to prevent any injury from occurring and promote longevity in their bodies.

This begs the question, why does it take painful symptoms to get us to do something for our health? Shouldn’t more people be like this small group of individuals? In our culture, we’re very focused on fixing problems; why not focus on preventing the problem from ever occurring in the first place? Choosing to focus on the prevention of a problem is also influential because it is also much less expensive in the long run.

Conservative Care

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At the Rehab Docs are mission is to find a tailored ideal function for each individual athlete and provide the necessary Chiropractic Care services to promote skill, endurance, strength, and speed of all patients in order to improve their overall quality of life. We are a different kind of Chiropractic Care in Charleston. We strive to teach you how to move your body in the best way possible to prevent injury and pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for treating chronic pain, improve athletic performance, sports injury, or any other type of pain. We want to help you prevent your issues before conservative care is needed. We look forward to working with you.