Working Off the Cookies

Here at the Daniel Island Health Club we understand that a New Year usually means new fitness goals. If you have read our articles in the past, you probably understand that we are always preaching “good form”. Just to reiterate; any acute or chronic injury that is non-traumatic in nature, is a byproduct of using your body wrong over time.

It’s always about how our neurology affects our musculoskeletal system. Understanding how to move correctly is much more important than simply moving. We want everyone to keep this in mind as your New Year’s resolutions begin! Working out should be much more than just burning calories. Working out should be treated as a way to keep yourself young and healthy. All too often, working out promotes overuse and injury. March is typically a big month of treating overuse injuries in our office because it’s the third month after the big resolution! Don’t be that person!

Next Level Training

My wife and I opened a gym called Next Level Training within our space at The Rehab Docs with the purpose of providing people the opportunity to work out correctly. Our goal is to push people to meet their goals under the correct context. We understand how important form is, which is why we tailor our group workouts to promote ideal motor patterns instead of allowing compensation.

Next Level Training offers Bootcamp, Small Group Resistance Training, Personal Training, and Youth Fitness Programs. We also just launched a partnership with Bar Method (located on Daniel Island), in order to give you the healthy lifestyle you deserve! This partnership, and future partnerships, will take the name Daniel Island Health Club. Daniel Island Health Club is a monthly membership that will give you the opportunity to take Unlimited Bootcamp Classes at Next Level Training + Small Group Resistance Training Once Per Week at Next Level Training + Unlimited Barre Classes at Bar Method!

Daniel Island Health Club

The Daniel Island Health Club gives people the opportunity to add variation to their workout routine without breaking the bank! I am asked what the ‘best workout is’ all the time. I always reply that variation is key! The best way to maximize your fitness potential while also keeping things interesting is to vary the types and intensities of your workouts!

We want to give Daniel Island the best shot at getting healthy and staying healthy. Between The Rehab Docs, Next Level Training, and The Daniel Island Health Club, you have the perfect opportunity to vary your workout routine in the safest way possible.

For more information please contact Caitlin Bein at Next Level Training (843)834-5157 or email